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A small traveling theater

In 2004, Agnès Zacharie founded Ubus Théâtre Her first creation, Le Périple , a puppet show that pays  a tribute to her  beloved  and deceased father is an immediate success with the public and reviewers.

As the troop’s  beacon, this philosophical tale questions and seduces. Nominated at the Gala des Masques in 2005, it was received with much enthusiasm in Europe and earned numerous coup de cœur, especially at the Festival Les trois jours of Casteliers and at the Carrefour International de Théâtre in Quebec .

Ubus Théâtre production Le Périple / photo : Martin Genest

L’Écrit – The written note

Following in Le Périple footsteps, L’Écrit travels beyond Quebec and Europe. Created in 2007, Ubus Théâtre’s second play takes us to Japan. Paper is the main element, humble or textured,  It reinvents itself with each new scene and universe created.

In 2009, thrilled by the wonderful welcome that her plays encountered, Agnès Zacharie worked on Ernest T. with a team of enthusiastic creators. Hence the journey continues along a path where humanity is always the treasure at the heart of the Ubus Théâtre’s creations.

ubus theater productions

Sometimes, the creative process follows an unusual path. In this case this inspiration came from a real vehicle – a yellow bus which my siblings and I inherited from our father.

A yellow school bus identical to the school buses that transport pupils in the villages and cities in Quebec. A school bus just like the one that you probably boarded numerous times in your childhood.  This bus and my father were my sources of inspiration for this project.

When he was still alive, my father had acquired this bus to take tourists on discovery tours in Tadoussac to show them Nature’s  beauty. My dad’s dream never materialized but it planted a seed in me.

My dream begins where his ends…
The yellow bus that he acquired at the end of his life would become the stage where human adventure unfolds.

Agnès Zacharie
Founder of Ubus Theater

the creative processs
a small travelling theater Ubus théâtre / photo Christopher Manquillet

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