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Instinctively, Agnès guesses the sensitive nature that is inherent to humans. From this continuously evolving matter, she creates and magnifies the mysterious contours of our world to offer spectacles that are amazingly profound. At the beginning of her career after graduating from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec in 1988, she was immediately recognized for her acting talent when she won the Nicky Roy award for her major appearance in My Fair Lady.

Stage director and co-founder of Regroupement Premier Acte, an organization that promotes the diffusion of new theatrical productions, she is seduced by the art of puppetry during her numerous collaborations with Théâtre de Sable et Théâtre Pupulus Mordicus. Captivated by the various dimensions of puppetry and rich from her vast artistic experience, she founded Ubus Théatre in 2004, a company that has established a regular presence in Tadoussac, in the summer.



Born in Sao Paulo in Brazil, Henri Louis Chalem has lived in Quebec since 1985. This restless cultural worker is a passionate artist whose multidisciplinary path brought him to work with various medias: videos, music, installations and performances.

He is an ardent promoter of artistic diffusion in public spaces, and his approach is inspired by a reflection of the place of art in our society and the way people perceive each other. His participation in any artistic projects brings originality and efficiency. Henri Louis Chalem’s work has been presented in Quebec, Colombia, France, Taiwan, Morocco, Mexico, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Uruguay, Argentina and Cuba.

The crew



After the fourth generation of a Quebec family working in the theater community, Jo-Anne Sanche has spent much of his childhood backstage! It is twenty-five years it lets his heart and takes on the job of juggler and master of ceremonies. She then founded his own company in Boîte de Pandore. For twenty years it operates in the world of circus and street performers. In January 1982, she decided to continue her adventure to Europe to work for a year. She stayed sixteen years

Jo-Anne Sanche is a considerable asset for the conduct of tours Ubus Théâtre on the old continent. His knowledge of France and his great sense of organization are consistent with its appeal to Ubus Théâtre, small traveling theater which she appreciates originality.



Marc-Antoine graduated in Management and stage techniques in 2011. He quickly sets up different projects where he held the assistance to the staging, management and production management.

It becomes co-founder of the company T3: Théâtre de trois, then executive director and production manager for the Théâtre Sortie de Secours. It adds to the administrative duties towards Ubus Théâtre and assistant administrative director for the Théâtre des fonds de tiroirs. Marc-Antoine had the opportunity to be administrative Director for the Théâtre du Trident in 2015.

The crew

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