the universal quest about normality
Duration : 55 minutes
Audience : All ages / 6 years old+
Seating : 32 / show
Frequency : 2 performances / day

A world where the tale’s universe is unraveled and magnifies the difference. Difference that scares you, makes you laugh, leaves you reflective and that ultimately lies within each one of us. What if normality doesn’t exist?

Ernest T. is born in the middle of a labyrinth filled with objects, well protected from the noise of the world. Away from people’s gaze and mean dogs. Nursed by his “sweet-mommy” and frightened by the surrounding world, this endearing but “different” little boy will have to leave the warmth of his surroundings to walk into the great wild world to get to school… His quest will lead him to Louise-Adelaïde, an eccentric young girl who will free him and help him become more assertive.

Francis Monty

Stage director
Agnès Zacharie

Interpretation and manipulation
Eva Daigle
Pier Porcheron

Set Designer & puppets
Pierre Robitaille
Vano Hotton

Assistance with the puppets
Annabelle Roy
Pier Porcheron

Sound Designer
Mathieu Doyon

Lighting Designer
Henri-Louis Chalem


Featuring an exuberant, compact stage design with vivid colours, magnificent puppets, creative staging by Agnès Zacharie that combines puppet manipulation, acting and shadow playing with the talent of actors-manipulators, Ernest T. by Ubus Théâtre has irremediably captivated the heart of parents and children alike.

David Lefebvre
Revue JEU, March 2012


A flat ground, calm and safe to welcome the bus.

SPECIFICITY : One has to take into account the size of the bus (space needed for turning) in order to determine if the location is suitable for the show.

H 3.2  x  W 3  x  L 13  (meters)

Two independent electric circuits of 15 Amps close to the bus.
(40 meters max.)

A dressing room must be provided for the actors.

During tours, one has to plan two consecutive days at the same location to get the bus ready for the show.



Addressing the notion of “difference” in a show intended for spectators (from 6 years old) is an ambitious challenge. Magnificent sound box, this theater on wheels allows for an auditive approach – where sounds coming from acoustic instruments mix with synthetics ones – that is conducive to the universal quest about normality which Ernest T. invites us on.

Yasmine Berthou
Le Devoir, August 19th 2009

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83 shows

In Quebec since 2009

55 shows

2009 – 11 • Tadoussac

Tadoussac boardwalk
15 shows 2009
21 shows 2010
19 shows 2011

9 shows

2011 • Charlevoix-East

Public librairies tour
9 shows

5 shows

2012 – Montréal

Festival The Three Days of Casteliers
5 shows

14 shows

2013 • Québec

Summer Quebec Festival
14 shows

A yellow school bus that will transport you into the Imaginary world…
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