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the school bus ubus theater

The bus

Apart from its unique expressive voice and style, the Ubus Théâtre finds its originality in the space in which it holds its shows, a school bus that has been transformed. This small travelling stage is, to our knowledge, the only one in Canada.

When we shut the Ubus Théâtre door, we leave our daily problems behind and enter a world where everything is possible. At once, we become immobile and amazed travelers…

inside the bus / photo : Martin Genest
Ubus theater production - Le Périple, L'Écrit, Ernest T., Caminando et Avlando

On stage

Sometimes, it happens that Ubus Théâtre presents its productions on stage in theatres. When this is the case, the company uses the Ubus Structure, a portable structure and scenic set that closely reproduces the space in the bus.

The representations presented using the Ubus Structure allow a bigger audience (80 seats) but keeps the unique flavor of the original presentations. Ubus Théâtre looks after the installation of the Ubus Structure including the theatrical setting and lighting. The distributor has to assemble the room and provide the benches, the seats, dress up the stage and provide the sound system and a console.

a travelling theater / photo Christopher Manquillet

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