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Art in rural areas

Ubus Théâtre first mission was to make art accessible in rural areas by presenting puppet and tiny object shows to audiences of all ages. Using simple and understandable language, Ubus Théâtre supports the narrative tale with elements that build it wisely. A tale demonstrated in its simplest expression and that is unfolding with much sensitivity.

Creating a theatre of images from bonding word and material, nothing is hidden and it is not a magic trick show. This authentic process has a mesmerizing effect on the person who watches it. The audience suddenly becomes the privileged witness of what the characters are going through, but also of the setting of the scenes in which they evolve.

The story progresses in a fluid metamorphosis
similar to an animated cartoon…

ubus theater / photo Christopher Manquillet
Ubus theater Production Ernest T. / Photo : Mario Villeneuve
Le théâtre forain Ubus théâtre / photo Christopher Manquillet

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